Wellness Is Expected

Eagan, MN


About Genesis Chiropractic Health Center

Why Genesis Chiropractic Health Center? Genesis translates as the coming into being something; back to the origin or the beginning. What Dr. Erik learned and witnessed is that the human body is designed to be extraordinary and self-healing in its perfect beginning state. Genesis Chiropractic Health Center encompasses the chiropractic principle that communication pathways from your brain and body are in optimal state when there are not interferences (subluxation). But also knowing that pain is only the symptoms and actually getting to the source of the problem and encouraging the body to heal itself is a fundamental for true healing!

Health and wellness is not a catch phrase at Genesis Chiropractic Health Center. The entire team is healthier because of the benefits of receiving regularly scheduled adjustments. And after years of witnessing the remarkable transformation in his patients toward a more thriving life, it just reinforces that spinal health and wellness is vital for a great quality in every stage of life!


Semi-Private Adjusting Area